EuroCloud Star Audit Assessment

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EuroCloud Star Audit (StarAudit)

What is StarAudit?

StarAudit is an assessment of security and availability matureness of cloud service providers. The standards is development and maintained by EuroCloud Euro (ECE). The purpose of StarAudit is to establish a trusty worthy relationships between Cloud Service Users and Cloud Service Providers.

The purpose of StarAudit is to
  • Deliver a framework, assessments and a certificate as meaningful selection tools for customers who want to use trustworthy cloud services.
  • Reduce the need for costly individual assessments.
  • Provide a valuable instrument with a high level of transparency and guidance for customers and providers alike.
  • Enable an efficient process of knowledge transfer and accreditation.
StarAudit classified Cloud Service Providers from 3-star to 5-star to demonstrate the level of security and availability matureness.

In order to build the trust worthy relationships and assess the matureness of a Cloud Service Providers, StarAudit examine following 6 areas for cloud service users
  • Area 1: Cloud Service Providers Profile
  • Area 2: Contract and Compliance
  • Area 3: Security and Data Privacy
  • Area 4: Operation DC Infrastructure
  • Area 5: Cloud Service Operational Processes
  • Area 6i: Application IaaS
  • Area 6p: Application PaaS
  • Area 6s: Application SaaS
There are more than 20 countries world wide adopt StarAudit as their assessment criteria of Cloud Service Providers.

TUV NORD Taiwan is the accredited AAO (Accredited Audit Organization), ATO (Accredited Training Organization) of Taiwan; TÜV can provide best StarAudit assessment and training in Taiwan and world wide.

Why StarAudit?

StarAudit is a type 3 audit for the matureness of Cloud Service Providers. With the StarAudit assessment, a Cloud Service Providers can demonstrate their
  • Maturity of their services.
  • Security levels
  • Availability and transparency
  • Value of StarAudit?
StarAudit assessment is not just for public Cloud Service Providers. It also suit for medium size company to understand their ability for their private cloud.