ISO 26262 Functional Safety

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Qualification and competence - two essentials for Functional Safety

New technologies and the increasing number of functions within motor vehicles mean that automotive manufacturers have to develop more and more safety -relevant systems. This not only leads to an increase in the number of electronic components - the components and systems them selves are more complex and requirements as to their safety are becoming more stringent. Safety standard ISO 26262 stipulates that organizations must ensure that persons entrusted with tasks related to functional safety have a sufficient level of competence and also that they are suitably qualified. Since the publication of ISO 26262, therefore. employers have been urgently seeking trained and qualified personnel who can

demonstrate their competence and professionalism.

Persona l certification

As an accredited service provider, we offer you the opportunity to gain the necessary basic and specialist knowledge of ISO 26262 - completely up to date and in compact form. You get to know all the aspects which are fundamental in order to be able to apply the standard correctly. With training certificates issued by TUV NORD - which are both highly-respected and officially traceable - you as an individual can show that you possess special skills and knowledge that are not covered by traditional studies of engineering.
We have developed a 3-stage program for you. You can achieve Stage 1 (FSCAE). by attending a dedicated three-day workshop which concludes with a written examination. In order to achieve Stage 2 (FSCAC), you must submit a form to us demonstrating that you have at least 2 years practical experience as FSCAE. A decision is made regarding FSCAC approval based on an evaluation scheme developed by TW NORD Systems. The third stage is FSCAM, which follows two years of practical experience as FSCAC.
With your personal FSCAE certificate, you demonstrate that you know and understand the basic principles, concepts and objectives of functional safety management. You are able to make effective use of your specialist knowledge and the methods required by ISO 26262 in order to solve problems. Your training and experience mean that you can employ a wide variety of methods and tools, including methods for product and process monitoring
With your personal FSCAC certificate, you demonstrate your ability to plan. implement and document Assessments based on ISO 26262.

Your main task is to evaluate the functional safety of products, and also safety management within projects, by means of such Assessments. You are able to make use of communication and questioning techniques in order to achieve the objective of the audit or assessment.
With your personal FSCAM certificate, you show that you can take on the role of process owner of

functional safety management and that you can plan the necessary activities within projects. Within

your organization. you are responsible for provioinq safety proofs and you assess functional safety, in

particular ensuring that the safety-orientated safety process is fully integrated and included in safety

projects at every stage. You release the technical safety concept and report to the top level

management if assessments do not result in release and/or if corrective actions become necessary. In

addition. you assess if the qualification of the staff in your organization who are concerned with safety is sufficient.
Detailed prerequisites for FSCAM
In order to receive a certificate for Stage 3. as FSCAM. you must have worked for two years as

FSCAC with experience in the area of ISO 26262. In order to finally establish your suitability, TOV

NORD Systems performs a qualification audit in your organization. The auditor makes recommendations in the Audit Report and TOV NORD Systems makes the final decision regarding

approval as FSCAM. If all is found to be satisfactory. the certification body confirms your specialist

skills and knowledge with issue of the FSCAM certificate. At all three stages you are entitled to

display a TW NORD Mark on your visiting card. with a corresponding 10 Number.
Validity of the Certification
FSCAE and FSCAC certifications are valid for three years, renewable for a further three years through attendance at a one-day update workshop, followed by a successful written test. In the case of the FSCAM. a re-audit takes place every three years. This 3-year rhythm encourages certificate holders to undertake continuous professional development.




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